Travel to Great Barrier Island

Our next tour is in March 2021.

Great Barrier Island is a perfect get away place to visit, if you love nature and the sea and knowing about the history and being with like minded people then come join us.

Last summer we took a wonderful group on a three night tour of Great Barrier Island. We set off early morning from Mahurangi collecting our clients from Algies Bay North Auckland all the way to Orewa.  We caught the Sealink Ferry from downtown Auckland which takes four and a half hours to get to Great Barrier Island.  The time soon passed by with the gorgeous sunshine and site-seeing along the way. There were twelve on us on The Great Barrier Island tour. We stayed at Sunset Waterfront Lodge in cosy Beachfront Studios and Villas, and were warmly welcomed by the Management.

We experienced so much at Great Barrier Island20170330_182321

While there, we took a wonderful boat trip on the launch,  ‘Hooked on Barrier’. We had a wonderful day with a fabulous guide, Lyndsay.  We stopped off at Swens, who is a local on the Island who makes beautiful products for well being and skincare from the bees. I must say the majority off the group brought something back home with them

While on the Boat trip one of our lovely ladies, Jo, lost her Sketcher shoe, I actually think Pete knocked it off the boat while he was happily cleaning all the shoes that were covered in mud from visiting Swens. Galantly Peter hoped into a near by Dinghy and chased the shoe. Peter saved the day and the shoe. We do go the extra mile and there were lots of laughs and we all looked on in ore as the shoe slowly started heading out around the bay.

We found the Great Barrier Island to be a relaxing, laid back fabulous place to stay.  We visited craft shops, galleries, beaches, ate out at some nice eateries. and some of the group even went for a hike. There is so much to do, from relaxing with a book, walking the beautiful bays, hiking, bush walks, camping, sitting at the local having a beer or wine, and basically just having a great time away from it all at Great Barrier Island.

We plan another trip inMarch 2021.20170330_100438

In February 2020 we will do this tour again, and may stay longer next time. A great time was had by all with a lot of our group wishing to go back again. We all could have stayed longer, next time we will.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be part of the next group to tour Great Barrier Island  March 2021 with Nor East Excursions.
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